If Sex is About Pleasure, Anal Only is Obvious

For humans, sex is rarely about the practicality of reproduction. That is a part of it, but it occupies only a small portion of the sexual activity in one’s life. Instead, it’s about pleasure and intimacy between partners, shared enjoyment and bonding.

When people have tried both anal and vaginal and given both a fair chance and are able to enjoy both without pain or discomfort, anal nearly always comes out ahead, and it’s no question that it’s more pleasurable than vaginal. The general pleasure is better, and the orgasms are far more intense through anal.

Even among those who vastly prefer anal, however, being anal only is less common. Vaginal is still seen as the default, and people think they should still be doing it even if they don’t enjoy it compared to anal. It’s time for that attitude to go away and for people to adopt anal as their default instead. Vaginal’s only benefit is in reproduction, so why not leave it for that only, and enjoy the vast pleasures of anal instead every other time?

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One response to “If Sex is About Pleasure, Anal Only is Obvious”

  1. Stephen says:

    Did you ever notice how the emergence of civilization often coincided with the rise of anal sex? The Greeks, the Etruscans, the Romans, the Incas, and the Israelites (heterosexual exclusively) both seemed to emerge as great civilizations once they had the creative energy from anal and celebrated their achievements in the best way possible. Female ass is magical and ancient depictions of women with big cock buried balls deep in formerly tight little buttholes is the most beautiful thing possible and imaginable.

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