My boyfriend enjoys anal more than vaginal..should I be worried?

A woman has concerns about her boyfriend:

My boyfriend is younger than me. He claims he is a “big fan of butt sex”, and he loves oral. But I’m just concerned because people have been telling me he might be on the DL, Bi, or gay. He only wants to penetrate me in the butt not the other way around.

You hear this so often, that an interest in anal sex is somehow considered an activity that precludes heterosexuality.

This idea is nonsense. The latest statistics indicate around 40%-50% of heterosexual couples have either tried anal sex or have have it on a regular basis.

The fact that the boyfriend is wanting to have sex with his girlfriend is the glaringly obvious clue to his sexuality.

He’s just a normal man who is attracted to his girlfriends butt, like millions of other normal men. His preference for anal sex is a natural part of him, just like being attracted to women.

One reply sums it up thus:

You have to decide what your into.. he was upfront and honest it sounds like. By saying he’s a fan of butt sex. Now you be open and honest as well. Most men like anal. I don’t think being gay or.Straight has anything to do with it. If you don’t like it though, you shouldn’t do it.

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