Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate With Your Partner

A common concern of those who prefer anal and would like to go anal only is how their partner will respond to the idea, and that fear generally leads to not expressing truthfully just how important the idea of going anal only really is to them. Resentment can build, frustration can form, and the relationship can be harmed due to lack of communication and mutual enjoyment.

While there may at times be reasons to gradually ease towards the topic conversationally, be open and honest about your needs and desires. Does vaginal not do much for you and the idea of anal only interest and excite you? Then you should start talking about that fact with your partner and share your needs and then discuss any concerns or issues that arise as a result.

Always try to keep from pointing fingers at each other or suggesting that you’re unsatisfied as a result of your partner, and keep it more positive and focused on what your needs are and the things that you love and enjoy and what you would like more of. If anal is something that you do sometimes but not all the time, emphasize how much you love doing anal with your partner and how sexy and incredible it is when you do so and that you’d like to focus more on that with them.

If they have concerns about the idea of giving up vaginal sex long-term, suggest trying it for a shorter period of time—one to three months—without a full commitment at that point, and then after that trial period is over, reconvene and discuss a longer length of time from there.

While not everyone is going to immediately go for the idea, being open and honest can go a long way and people generally are willing to try things for their partner and do what they need or want sexually if they’re honest about it.

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