Message: Third Woman I’ve Dated Who Can’t Get Enough of Anal

I’ve been anal only since I lost my virginity with my GF in HS. I’ve been through many partners, all of which I have turned onto anal (some anal only). My current GF took a little convincing but soon enough she became anal only. Everything else is just foreplay. Like many I’ve dealt with, she has become a monster and craves it all the time…even wakes me up in the night to fill her perky butt (shes the third woman I’ve dated that cannot seem to get enough of me in her ass) is this normal?

I don’t know that it’s common, but it is normal, I would say. If you know what you’re doing and know how to introduce a woman to anal in a manner enjoyable to her, most are going to fall in love with it and get a lot more pleasure out of it than anything vaginal can ever do. That’s just the reality of anal sex for most women if done right. A lot of people who try anal never have that great introduction and may get turned off of it before they discover how amazing it can be. But do it right, and the results are spectacular. Of course she’s craving it all the time, it’s probably the best sex she’s ever had.

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