Message: How to Get Girlfriend to Try Anal?

ironlion8How do I get my girlfriend to try anal?

Have you brought it up at all? Has she openly expressed disinterest? Have you incorporated any sort of anal stimulation into your sex life? Try gently rubbing the outside of her anus with your thumb during oral or penetrative sex, or straying away from her pussy during oral and lick her asshole. If she doesn’t like it and tells you to stop, you probably won’t convince her to try anal otherwise, but if she does like it you may have a chance. People who haven’t experienced anal penetration are often hesitant out of fear that it hurts or is dirty. If you can show her that it’s pleasurable, then she might be willing to try it. If she likes external stimulation, ask her if you can insert a (lubricated) finger during oral or vaginal sex and experiment with that for a while. You can read other posts on this blog for additional ideas for building up towards having full blown anal sex.

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