Be honest, ladies, do you like anal sex? why? how often do you like it?

That is the question asked here.

Many great replies, including this excellent advice:

I thought it felt weird at first and I was scared about but the pain, but my husband and I used a lot of lube and went slow… very slow (thank god he’d never done it before, so he was able to stay turned on and give me a chance to relax and enjoy it). Now, about half of our sexual interactions are anal… and we have sex maybe every 2 to 3 days.

Now that I’m pregnant (swollen and yeast infections… eeew!!!) anal is the only way we can both enjoy each other without hurting me.

I fight for anal, I think every female should try it, but the correct way…. it’s not a fast process, and it doesn’t feel GREAT until the female in completely comfortable with the act and her partner.

I’m not saying anal is for everyone, but a lot of girls won’t even try it, guys too… why not? If you wash your butt, there’s nothing gross about it! You don’t have to give yourself an enema beforehand, unless the object used is longer than ten inches or something.

All the rumors are lies, made up by people who’ve never done anal, or tried dry, or only using spit. The first 5 or 6 times (or however long it takes you to get used to it), you’ll need LOTS of lube and patience, but it will pay off. Goes for guys too!!!

And also this comment:

Oh yes! I do! I love it as often as I can get it! I can have bigger, better orgasms throught just anal sex than through anything else, which I didn’t think could be possible after the ones I get from my hubbie sucking on my clit but anal orgasms are amazing!

Be sure to read the rest for more positive experiences.

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