Message: Tips for a Guy Who Wants to Give Anal

evangoldman1Do you have any tips for a guy who wants to give anal, but never has?

Do a lot of reading on the topic. Read through the Anal Advice category here, search for anal advice, how to enjoy anal, etc. on google and read a wide range of articles from a variety of perspectives, including ones targeted at women so you have an understanding of what they need to do to relax and open up for anal, too.

Essentially, communicate, and work together with your partner to get to the point where she’s ready to try anal. Go slow. Warm her up first, gradually easing up through sizes. If anything hurts for her, stop. Figure out why it’s hurting—not enough lube? Too much too quickly? Not warmed up enough?—and try going back down in size for a few minutes before trying again, etc. Lube and gradual warmup through the sizes are the basic keys to preparing a partner for anal.

If she’s more experienced at anal, she may not need as much warmup. Everybody’s different. Talk and work with her to do what she needs to enjoy anal.

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