Message: Tips to Try Anal For the First Time

Anonymous: do you have any tips for somebody who wants to try anal for the first time (by themself)? I’ve been curious about it but have been too nervous to find some info about it ;;

I do! That advice, in short summary form, is: start small, go slow, use lube, and practice frequently.

Start by just massaging the outside of your asshole with a lubricated finger, running it in circles around and across. As you start to relax and get into how it feels, slide a finger inside. If something hurts, go back a step and try again in a few minutes, repeating as needed until you can do it without it hurting. Once one finger feels great and you’re ready to move in, try adding a second finger. Keep repeating this process of slow increases in size up to 3 or 4 fingers, then get a butt plug and dildo or two to try with too. Always use lube.

Simply doing this on occasion, however, won’t really help in the long term. If after the first time or two you enjoy how it feels and want more, I’d suggest making it a regular part of your masturbation routine, which both helps really start to unlock the pleasure of anal, and helps with anal training so you can advance to bigger and better things going forward.

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