Message: Big Toys Are Easy On My Own But Uncomfortable With My Partner

Anonymous: Im a guy and i love anal sex for both myself and my female partner. I do have some issue when she uses a strapon on me. I get alot of discomfort when using bigger toys but in practice (aka masturbation) they are the easiest thing for me to do. Im not sure what to do. She loves using the bigger toys but i hate quitting on her after 5 minutes cause im struggling. We use lots of lube and i always stretch with the same toy before she fucks me with it.

It could be the angle she’s using, or it could just be that you’re used to it being inside you or moving at a slower pace but not at the pace she’s using. Try some different positions and angles, and try having her use other toys/strapons. Also don’t necessarily quit after 5 minutes, but ask her to slow down or pause just a moment for you before trying again.

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