Message: Ass to Mouth is Beautiful

Anonymous: Those ATM/ATOGM posts are really hot. Never done it in real life, but would like to. It’s nice to hear people’s experiences/perspectives. Many people find it degrading or disgusting, however, I think it’s so beautiful, like completing a full circle of anal fun. Can’t really explain it. Mesmerized by its explicitness and daring-ness.

While I suppose it could be degrading under certain circumstances, it really isn’t inherently and (in my opinion) shouldn’t be seen as such. Similarly, it could be disgusting if done when not clean, but otherwise isn’t at all. It’s intimate, beautiful, exciting and just a lot of fun. It’s an inherent and critical aspect of anal sex for some people, and I highly encourage trying it if you’re interested in it and find it appealing.

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analsexisloveAfter few times done, It becames so natural… ATM its Just oral sex like any other…

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