Discussion: My wife says she enjoys anal sex more than vaginal sex. Do I need to be concerned?

At first she said it felt weird but was willing to keep doing it because I liked it so much. I would always be gentle. Then I decided to do it more rough than usual, and she was really turned on and enjoyed it very much. Now, she never turns it down and requests it regularly over vaginal sex.

So begins a discussion on Quora, which actually receives a great deal of thoughtful and accurate responses. Here are a few:

Here’s the thing to understand: women very rarely experience orgasm from vaginal sex. They almost always need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.
Anal sex stimulates the clitoris. The clitoris we see is simply the tip of the iceberg, and the organ extends deep into the abdomen and wraps around the uterus. Anal sex actually stimulates the clitoris during penetration.
As such, many women greatly enjoy anal sex for precisely this reason. Your wife is no different.
There is absolutely no reason to be concerned here. If your wife loves being fucked in the ass, then get fucking that ass, son.

Jeremy Glenesk, Quora

Yes, you absolutely need to be concerned!

You should be concerned that you’re giving her what she wants and needs!

The common phrase “whatever floats your boat” is an important one here, and in being a good lover in general. If your partner has any particular sexual needs, you should ask yourself:

Is this dangerous or harmful in any way?

Am I physically capable of doing what they ask?

Is this a kink too far for me?

And that’s it. In this particular case, none of these apparently apply to you.

In sex and food, people have widely varied tastes, and what some people think is a delicacy, others think is disgusting. If you were cooking for your wife and she liked artichokes and not cherry pie, would you insist on cooking cherry pie? Probably not. You’d probably accommodate her tastes for no other reason than because you like her and want to make her happy.

Do the same thing in bed.

Ernie Dunbar, Quora

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