Discussion of the Day: We have anal sex one time, and now he always wants it!

i am kinda having an issue that i don’t know how to address. me and my boyfriend tried anal a couple weeks ago. i was afraid at first but i was surprised that i actually liked it. but the problem is now that seems to be all my an boyfriend wants! i don’t mind doing it sometimes but every time we have sex now that’s what he wants. i know he doesn’t want kids any time soon and has mentioned he is afraid my birth control will fail again. (i got pregnant with my son on the pill) could this be why he wants coal all the time now? or could it be something else? and how do i tell him i don’t want to do anal as much without making him feel bad?

It’s no surprise that he only wants anal after trying it: once you compare the two, you realize just how much better anal is. Rather than trying to stop doing anal and go back to vaginal, she should explore it more and learn how to make it mutually enjoyable for everyone.

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