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A frustrating exchange with someone exhibiting somewhat troll-like behavior and expressing a claim that women cannot orgasm from anal sex while admitting that she herself can orgasm from it.

Message: Oh Dear…, Part 3

Gas after anal sex is not a personal problem at all. https://www.google.com/search?q=anal+sex+giving+gas

It’s well documented.

Just not on this blog. Which makes me wonder if everyone here is on the giving end & don’t give a crap about whatever discomforts someone on the receiving end may be going through & any remedies for it?

Clearly, because a particular topic relating to anal sex has not been covered on this blog extensively (a blog whose topics of discussion are primarily directed by the questions people ask, and the relative lack of people asking about that should say something), that means that no one who participates in the anal only community cares about their partner. Yep, no other possible explanation there.

If someone had reached out with a sincere question about that issue, I would have responded with a sincere answer. Given your tone and hostile attitude, a snarky response was all I had.

Another thing. As a polyamorous professional FemDom I am 1 million percent sure I’ve done many more assholes than anyone here advocating for a subject they know little about has, which maybe why I’m not that excited about it.

Good for you, then. Clearly those of us who exclusively practice anal sex know nothing about it compared to you. Is there a point to this?

I know that not everyone can be trained to “cum” from Anal only. In fact very few people can.

Don’t get my wrong I wish they could. Would make play time much easier. But most people can’t. It’s arousing for them etc. But they can’t.

Just the same way some people can squirt & others can’t. Others just have to fake squirts by peeing.

You seem to just be arguing with yourself. You’ll note in my previous message where I said that some women can orgasm from anal sex naturally, some women can learn to orgasm from anal sex, and others require additional stimulation to orgasm, with the majority of anal only women using clitoral stimulation in combination with anal.

Similarly given there is evidence as old as time Women have been faking vaginal orgasms.

The fellas on here need to accept the fact their women maybe faking anal ones even more.

You seem to have a real issue with women orgasming from anal sex and are desperate to conclude that they must all be liars. (Again, even though you can orgasm from anal!)

& That variety is the spice of life & if she starts cheating on you with other men, it’ll be normal.

No one likes a one trick pony lol. Just a thought.

No one is forced to view or follow this blog. There are plenty of men, women and couples who follow it and interact with it, as well as the rest of the anal only community, and they do so because being anal only is something that they’re interested in and either are actively doing or would like to try. Clearly it has no appeal to you. So instead of trying to cause trouble and suggest that anyone who goes anal only is going to end up with a partner who cheats on them because she wants more than anal, I suggest you leave and find a more suitable activity to occupy your time.

Ps. I still think every guy who advocates Anal only should take it up the ass first. It’s 2017 “Normalize” pegging. If AO for women should be normal, it should be too for men. What’s to keep it from being normal for both?

Go ahead and create a blog of your own to advocate for that if it’s something you feel so strongly about. I’m sure you’ll get a following. But that’s not and will not be the focus of this blog. This blog is about female anal pleasure, advocating for women exploring anal stimulation more on their own terms to enjoy it for themselves rather than just for a partner, and encouraging experimentation with anal exclusivity for those who are interested.

Message: Oh Dear…

Because this message is long and overly complicated, I’m going to break it apart and reply to it throughout.

In all seriousness, I think all the men here on this blog advocating anal only & should be trying pegging.

& Let’s see YOU cum from anal.

Many men do enjoy receiving anal stimulation as well, including many who practice anal only. Others don’t, but enjoy giving it. As long as their partner enjoys receiving it, whether the men are willing to receive it as well is irrelevant. Can it provide a perspective that might help a man be better at anal with a partner? Perhaps. But it’s not the only way to learn how to be good at giving anal, and demanding that all men have to experience receiving anal if they want to be anal only with their partners is absurd.

I can cum from anal, it’s not a problem for me, but fact of the matter is most men & most women absolutely can’t.

I’m in BDSM scene I know people who’ve been doing anal for years & they can never cum. They need to get jerked. Sad fact is many women are really good at faking orgasms & it’s become routine with their partners irrespective of the orifice being used.

Hence I really think all men on here should get to experience this.

Some people can orgasm purely from anal sex naturally and easily. Some people can learn to do it over time. Some can’t and require additional stimulation. Some prefer orgasm denial and enjoy the constant arousal and frustration of experiencing intense anal pleasure but not orgasming. All of these people and scenarios are welcome and encouraged within the anal only lifestyle. Most anal only women I’ve known or spoken with combine clitoral stimulation with anal penetration. For them, I encourage experimenting with clitoral denial to discover whether they can orgasm from anal alone, but if they cannot, or if they are not interested, that doesn’t make them any less anal only just because clitoral stimulation is involved. Being anal only is primarily about the exclusion of vaginal intercourse, or in a stricter sense, vaginal penetration. Anything else is a supplemental element.

I peg my partner all the time. He’s a pegging champion,  most of the time I’m too scared to even use on him the monster toys he likes. But he can’t cum from it. He can’t even keep his dick hard during it.

I have to triple up on efforts to make him hard & cum, after we’ve done anything anal on HIM.

I think all men should experience this sensation. Yes it must be arousing for him but it’s NOT enough. He still needs both oral & vaginal to get all the way to orgasm.

So how can you expect women to have any anal only?

You’re taking one person’s experiences and extrapolating them to everyone. Even you admit that you can orgasm from anal on its own.

I don’t expect anything from women. I encourage people—men, women, couples, whoever—to try going anal only for themselves and discover on their own whether it’s something that they enjoy. If they don’t, hey, more power to them—they tried something new and decided it wasn’t for them. But a lot of women do enjoy being anal only. And a lot of people who submit messages to this blog already were anal only before they found it, and are happy to find a community of other anal only people they can share and interact with.

& Shitty thing is all the females who posted here, if they are female don’t seem to talk about cumming from clitoral stimulation & even better oral. It’s like they’re literally anal only.

My only guess is, they’ve been faking vaginal orgasms for so long, now they’re faking anal orgasms but they seem to enjoy it just a bit more because their partners maybe on the smaller end & feeling up the pussy was impossible.

So what gives?????

So because the experiences of women who have shared their stories here don’t align with your view of how the world works, they must all be lying and faking their orgasms? (Again, even though you can orgasm from anal.)

Some women are literally anal only. Some are anal only with clitoral stimulation. Some are anal only with cunnilingus. Some are anal only for intercourse but use dildos vaginally. Everyone has their own interpretation of anal only and adapts the concept, if it appeals to them, to work for their own needs—as they should!

Also would be interesting to know everyone’s sizes with a pic & measuring tape next to it, to see if there’s correlation between size & anal preference. BTW my current partner is over 9inches so this has nothing to do with him. I’m talking about previous partners.

I… don’t have words.

Also I don’t think he’d ever want to go anal only. He worships pussy & love FemDom.

Good for him, then? No one is obligated to be anal only. This blog exists for people who are anal only or who are curious about the idea and are curious to try it. If your partner isn’t interested, and you aren’t interested, it might not be the right blog for you.