Challenge Month: Ass-to-Mouth August

Ass-to-Mouth August is here and it’s time to take your anal only journey to a new level. This month, we challenge you to introduce or embrace ass-to-mouth as a regular part of your sex life.

If you’re new to the concept, ass-to-mouth involves going directly from anal sex to oral sex. It’s a form of play that can be incredibly erotic and taboo, amplifying the thrill of your anal only experiences. As always, hygiene and health should be a top priority—clean thoroughly and ensure you’re comfortable before you dive in.

If you’re a newcomer to the anal only lifestyle, Ass-to-Mouth August might be the perfect time to take your first steps into ass-to-mouth play. Start slowly, perhaps by tasting your own fingers or a toy after some light anal play. As your comfort grows, you can gradually explore further.

For those who are already a part of the anal only lifestyle, this month is a great time to normalize ass-to-mouth in your routine. If you already enjoy ass-to-mouth occasionally, consider making it a regular feature of your sexual encounters. It can be an intense expression of your commitment to the anal only lifestyle, and a whole lot of fun too!

For our more experienced followers, we’ve got the advanced challenge of “Ass-to-Mouth Extravaganza”. Push your boundaries by incorporating ass-to-mouth in all your sexual activities throughout the month, whether that’s during masturbation, sex, or even a threesome. Go from anal to mouth and back again multiple times, exploring the potential of this erotic practice.

No matter where you are in your journey, Ass-to-Mouth August is about exploring new dimensions of pleasure. Remember, everything should be safe, consensual, and centered around enjoyment. Share your ass-to-mouth experiences, questions, and advice with the community and let’s make this a month to remember!

Are you up for Ass-to-Mouth August? Share your plans with us!

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5 responses to “Challenge Month: Ass-to-Mouth August”

  1. Karla j says:

    wow that’s fun and sexy ass to mouth in august girls it’s time to wipe your ass deep for ass to mouth in august.

  2. allen says:

    Not related per se, but this communities messaging is falling for vagina propaganda…i.e the idea that the vagina is the naturally intended sex orifice…it sort of isn’t.

    The anus actually is the default sex organ in nature.

    Sounds crazy right?

    Don’t believe me?

    We sqeamishly call it the “cloaca”, to mean a single hole for both wast and sex. But the scientific reality is that it is the same structure as the anus.

    ….Go to ChatGPT and ask “Is the anus essentially the anatomical remnant of the cloaca in humans?”

    Here’s approximately what you’ll get from ChatGPT…

    “Yes, that’s correct. The anus in humans is considered the anatomical remnant of the cloaca found in the distant ancestors of mammals. In these ancestral species, the cloaca served as a single opening for the release of both waste (feces and urine) and reproductive materials (sperm or eggs).

    As evolution progressed and mammals developed more specialized reproductive and excretory systems, the cloaca separated into distinct openings: the anus for waste elimination and the genital opening for reproductive functions. The anus retained its position at the posterior end of the digestive tract, while the genital opening migrated to a different location in accordance with the changes in reproductive anatomy.

    While the ancestral cloaca and the modern human anus serve similar functions (waste elimination), the anatomical structures surrounding them have undergone significant changes to accommodate the development of separate urinary and reproductive systems in mammals.”

    …….my point is that the anus is essentially STILL the most common sex organ today. With the majority of species lacking a vagina and only reproducing anally.

    It makes PERFECT sense why it would be MORE attuned to sex than the vagina.
    Consider that the vagina only showed up in higher mammals, and appeared as close as possible to the original sex orifice. So as to co-opt the ingrained (anal) sexual desire.

  3. Eirini says:

    That’s why anal masturbation and anal sex must be taught as early as possible! This information must is very awaking and important!

  4. Ryan says:

    Hey guys,

    I wrote on an earlier post about how ass to mouth is pretty routine for me now. If she’s into giving oral she will likely prefer ass to mouth because of the different tastes and smells. Let her feel comfortable indulging in her exploration, encourage her to taste her ass. Don’t judge her in any way. I’ve trained many women to try ass to mouth and do it regularly.

    When she does it the first few times, close your eyes and look away and moan as she sucks. That will let her know she’s doing the right thing. If she’s hesitant tell her to just lick the tip where precum is using pooling…that’s the strongest flavor of ass she’ll get because your cockhead went up her ass the deepest. If she can tolerate the taste… tell her to lick it downwards like a lollipop. Call her a good girl and give her time to indulge her senses.

    Have fun with those “blowjob breaks” between anal. She’ll need an option when she wants to take a break from all the ass pounding.


  5. Chris says:

    I envy you, Ryan. I’m sure that, just as with anal, my girlfriend would enjoy ass-to-mouth if she would only try. I don’t think so knows how beautiful she would look doing that.

    I would love to be able to take breaks and just lay back and have her suck for a bit. I also think reinsertion in itself is really erotic, but she’s not so keen on that either once I’m inside her. If she’s in a good mood then she lets me pop in and out of her anus a few times but that’s another story.

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