Ass to Mouth: Unraveling the Taboo and Understanding its Place in the Anal Only Lifestyle

In the world of sexual exploration, some practices stand apart. They catch the eye, stir curiosity, and challenge our notions of what is considered conventional. One such practice is ass to mouth. Often observed in adult films and discussed in quiet circles, it’s a practice that intrigues many who are exploring the anal only lifestyle. But what exactly is ass to mouth, and how does it fit into the anal only landscape?

Ass to mouth, in its essence, refers to the act of orally pleasuring the penis after it has been engaging in anal sex. In the past often considered a kink, it resonated deeply with some individuals due to its taboo nature. It speaks of an uninhibited, spontaneous approach to sexual pleasure, indicating complete acceptance and an unbridled enthusiasm for all aspects of anal sex. More recently, it has been becoming a staple of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle, however.

Why might someone be interested in ass to mouth? There are several motivating factors. For some, it’s the taboo itself. The thrill of engaging in an act society often labels as “dirty” or “forbidden” can amplify sexual desire, giving an adrenaline kick that layers more pleasure onto the sexual experience.

For others, the physical aspect is stimulating. The unique taste, the sensation, and the intimate connection that comes with it can be incredibly arousing. It embodies a total acceptance of anal sex—the willingness to orally pleasure what was just pleasuring an anus underscores a deep desire and commitment to the act itself.

As always, communication and consent are paramount. Ass to mouth isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay. As you explore the dimensions of the anal only lifestyle, it’s crucial to talk openly and honestly with your partner about your interests, comfort zones, and boundaries. If both parties are willing to explore ass to mouth, it should be a mutual decision made with respect and understanding.

So, how does ass to mouth fit into the anal only lifestyle? It’s all about acceptance and enthusiasm for anal sex, recognizing it as a pleasurable and satisfying sexual act. It’s about dismantling taboos and exploring the breadth of your sexual potential. Ass to mouth can be seen as a powerful affirmation of one’s complete immersion in anal pleasure. It reflects a willingness to embrace all facets of anal sex.

We hope you found this post insightful and inspiring. Your journey and experiences are unique, and we’d love to hear about them. Are you living the anal only lifestyle? Are you curious to explore it? Have you experienced something extraordinary, faced challenges, or discovered personal insights you’d like to share? If so, we invite you to share your story with us.

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4 responses to “Ass to Mouth: Unraveling the Taboo and Understanding its Place in the Anal Only Lifestyle”

  1. Such a well written article regarding ass to mouth (ATM). Many view this act as taboo, or degrading. To the contrary, like anal sex itself, it truly is one of the most intimate acts a couple can perform. As an anal only couple, my wife and I practice ATM almost every time we have sex. It has become our ritual to do ATM several times during each session. After orgasm, she will lovingly clean my cock with her mouth. Then, I clean her ass with my mouth. After, I get up and get a warm washcloth and lovingly finish cleaning her. All of this is incredibly intimate. We always felt anal sex was incredibly intimate, but ATM has brought us even closer.

  2. Ryan says:

    Nice article. Among the girls I’ve hooked up with, I know she’ll enjoy a2m if she enjoys sucking cock. Find a woman that loves to suck cock first. There’s an intellectual side to a2m and a visceral side that makes it a sexual experience I can’t get enough of. The intellectual side is recognizing how her asshole takes the length of my cock, rearranges her rectum to make room and almost molds her guts to my cock’s straight shape. It sheaths my cock with anal secretions/mucus/ass juice while I fuck her balls deep. Then she uses the other end of her hole that isn’t just a hole…but produces saliva to wash my cock with her tongue and throat. After that I go back into her “dirty shithole” (even though she’s incredibly clean) and she’ll suck me after… again and again. It’s wild to think of the sexual progression like this and make it vividly clear. It can only be done with a trusted partner though – intensely intimate. On the visceral side, feeling her wet tongue and warm mouth after stretching her asshole is a sublime feeling. When I pull out, it’s like her ass sphincter is kissing my cockhead goodbye as it leaves and within seconds her tongue is greeting it back to a welcoming wet hole. Just incredible.

    It’s become a routine in my sex life with some of my regular anal sluts. Once you get her comfortable and build that intimacy, a2m becomes the next step. Between fucking it feels natural to take a blowjob “break” and re-lube. Especially as a man who loves oral more than anything. I could wait some weeks to fuck if I had to, but I need to sucked off at least 4-5x/week.

    Let me tell you how to get started if you’re interested. At first, pull out and tell her to spit on it for “extra lube.” Make sure to linger around her mouth and jerk off slowly. This is the key: after fucking, pull out and position yourself so your cock and balls are close to her face. Safe bet is to tell her to suck your balls. Encourage her to sniff her ass on your cock. Be funny and encouraging if she’s reluctant. And if she’s feeling horny and you can sense it, tell her to be a good slut and dare her to lick your dirty cock clean. I’m usually leaking precum anyways so I usually get her to lick my precum off the tip and I take my opportunity to push my cockhead inside her mouth. Most of the time it’s a surprise because her ass doesn’t taste as gross as she thinks. She’ll find it sweet and earthy…but now that I think of it, maybe it’s my precum? haha
    Anyways, just presenting your cock near her mouth several times, she’ll be likely to try again. My favorite blowjobs are just after fucking. Usually my cock is rock hard leaking precum. It’s especially nice to end a long assfuck session to her softly sucking my cock clean of cum and ass juice until it’s soft and I’m ready to sleep.

  3. Superpole Steve says:

    Awesome comment, Ryan! I’d say you’re a lucky man, but it sounds like you have put in a lot of hard work to achieve what you enjoy so much.

  4. Chris says:

    You’re a lucky guy Ryan getting her to suck you after until you sleep. That’s always seemed to me the perfect way to end it. I’m not there yet as she’ll only just touch my cock with the tip of her tongue when she’s feeling brave. I’ve told her she shouldn’t hold back and I think she’ll love it when she eventually does.

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