Anal Sex: The Latest Craze in American Bedrooms


  • Anal sex provides a completely different set of feelings during orgasms for both partners. Not only are the pleasurable sensations different, anal sex can also help enhance a couple’s sense of intimacy.
  • Some couples are turning to anal sex as an alternative to vaginal penetration. This can be due to a number of reasons, including health conditions.
  • Over 36% of women recently reported having anal sex at least once, and this increase can also be caused by society’s general acceptance that sexual intercourse is meant to be enjoyed. It is not an act to be performed only for procreation.
  • With more couples willing to experiment with new sexual positions, anal sex has become less of a taboo subject and more of a normal and healthy sexual relationship. Over 44% of all heterosexual men admitted to engaging in anal sex.
  • Anal sex is as natural as vaginal intercourse. It is simply a different way for couples to give and experience pleasure.

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