Month: December 2021

Message: No Pussy November Was an Eye Opener

Anonymous: My husband and I have done a lot of anal before, even preferring it most of the time, but I always insisted on keeping vaginal in the mix because I thought it was important to do, it was part of me and what made me a woman and I needed to keep doing it. But this year we decided to try No Pussy November and I’m realizing that I don’t need my pussy and I don’t enjoy vaginal, I just do it out of a sense of obligation to someone else’s idea of what it is to be a woman. I want to be anal only, and we’ve decided that we’re not going to be doing vaginal ever again.

I’m so glad to hear that No Pussy November was not only a great success for you but that it helped you to come to this realization! Enjoy a much more satisfying and pleasurable life going forward anal only!

The Time is Now for Porn to Go Anal Only

As anal sex continues to become more common and the anal only lifestyle more frequently adopted around the world, pornography for once is somewhat lagging behind rather than being a trendsetter.

This is not universally the case, of course: the anal focus can be found in many porn productions with vaginal sex either nonexistent or an afterthought at best, but even the latter should be eliminated until the vagina serves no role at all other than decorative in any porn whatsoever.

The reality is that people are influenced and inspired by porn and continuing to show occasional vaginal inspires people to keep having vaginal sex occasionally rather than committing to the purity of anal only and the benefits that come from doing so.

Stop including any sort of vaginal sexual activity. No more vaginal sex, no more double or triple penetration involving vaginal, no more vaginal dildoing or fingering, and no more clit stimulation. The time is now for porn, and all of us, to go purely anal only.

Message: Struggled With Identity Before Discovering Anal Only

Anonymous: Hey, I really want to thank you for this blog. All my life I’ve had struggles with my identity and whether or not I was a real woman. I often thought of myself as different or maybe as a man and thought perhaps I was transgender, embracing that identity for a while. But the reality is that a lot of that confusion came out of being uninterested in vaginal sex and finding it a total turn off while I loved playing with my ass and then having anal sex.

After I found this blog and community I realized there are lots of women who prefer anal or who are anal only and that it doesn’t make them less of a woman and knowing that has helped me with my own identity and I am happy to say that I am proud to identify as an anal only woman now and will not use my vagina and that will not make me any less of a woman. Thank you.

I’m glad that my blog has helped you come to terms with your identity, and I hope that you find peace in embracing being an anal only woman. Whatever your gender identity, I think anal only can be enjoyed and embraced by and benefit everyone! Let’s move forward together without vaginal sex and be more equal as a result!

Message: Vaginal Abandonment and Orgasm Denial

Anonymous: So, I’ve followed this site for a while. I’m a female. I get super turned on at the thought of vaginal abandonment and orgasm denial. However, the vaginal abandonment term is not something I hear or read about often. Wondering why that is? I’ll be discussing this with my partner and I am unsure of how he will feel about it. He comes from a fairly conservative culture. So it’s something I’ll need to bring up lightly initially. At any rate I’ve tried finding good resources such as other blogs or articles and even testimonials about specific vaginal abandonment and why it’s done. Not sure if I’m making sense. Perhaps it’s just a terminology issue and I’m missing the point. I dunno.

“Vaginal abandonment” is used interchangeably with “anal only”, and the latter is catchier and easier to use so is more common. But they generally mean the same thing. The end result is avoiding use of your vagina and having anal sex in its place.

There are lots of resources on the topic here, but outside of this community it’s less commonly discussed. If you have any other specific questions or advice wanted, feel free to ask! And let us know how it goes when you discuss it with your partner—I hope for your sake that he agrees to go anal only with you!