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I’m new to the site but a long-time AO whore.
I’ve always had a high sex drive and wanted to push limits and my husband of 25 years allows me to do that. We are in an open relationship. He allows me to fuck who I want as long as I come home full of cum and allow him sloppy seconds ( or thirds or fifths ) I relinquished total control of my vagina and clit about 5 years ago. I’m still allowed to be throat fucked also. Prior to that I was almost AO but enjoyed being throat fucked, piss fucked and fisted vaginally. My hubby suggested I become an AO cum and piss repository and the idea really turned me on. I love the thought of being a cum and piss repository with me being there to be used and no regard for my pleasure. We call my arsehole a cunt and my throat, my throatcunt. That makes me cum much more and much harder than clit stimulation ever did. I allow my hubby to use me whenever, wherever and however he desires. He doesn’t need to ever ask. I merely exist for his pleasure and gratification. He often plugs my arsehole after he breeds me and then continues to top me up throughout the day. My arsehole is open at all hours and for as long as he wants. He will often just mount me in the middle of the night. He pushes my face into the pillow or uses my head to hold on to whilst he obliterates my arsehole. He will then pull out, plug me and feed me his cock to clean up. I’m usually still horny and will often gag myself on his cock to get him hard again for a second or third load. With other guys I fuck it’s always AO and oral. I enjoy ATM very much and love being throat fucked or spit roasted or Anal DP’d. Hubby allows me to swallow cum loads when I’m throat fucked as long as I still come home with a load or three up my arsehole for him to use as lube. He allows me to bring guys home occasionally for DP or spit roasts but home is predominantly his domain. We have been experimenting with piss enemas of late and I’m getting to enjoy that too. We are also considering anal fisting but only in the early research stages of that. Looking forward to chatting to you all and learning more about how we can continue to push limits.

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