Message: Anal Better Than Vaginal, But Don’t Think I Can Be Anal Only

Anonymous: While my hubby would probably answer and absolute YES to being anal only I don’t think I can, at least not all the time. Yes it can feel a lot better than vaginal sometimes, but having to go to the bathroom after to push out his load just isn’t romantic. Otherwise there are all sorts of embarrassing complications next day. Do you all just live with this? I could just make him pull out but he hates that.

Most people likely push it out after and don’t worry about it—it’s just a fact of sex. Some couples work towards being able to do deep penetration so ejaculation can occur past a certain point where it’s unlikely to come back out, and just gets absorbed. Others leave it in the rectum or use a plug to keep it inside. The more frequently you have anal, the easier such things can get to deal with, too. If both of you do have some interest in anal only, I’d suggest trying it for a few weeks to a month and just see how it goes.

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