Anal Only is About More Than Just Doing Anal

Something that many people ask is, “why anal only?” They already do and love anal sex but wonder why they should do it exclusively. Common concerns include an enjoyment of vaginal sex they think they will miss, a fear of boredom or losing interest after “too much” anal, and other related concerns.

But the reality is that while anal sex makes a great addition to any sexual routine, you don’t ever experience the full potential of it until you focus on it exclusively and combine it with giving up vaginal sex entirely.

Vaginal sex and clit stimulation suppress a woman’s libido after orgasm, while anal sex maintains or even amplifies it. This not only makes having sex a stronger urge one wants to do more often, it also makes sex more pleasurable as time goes on. It boosts orgasms, it makes the act more pleasurable in the moment, and it opens minds to try new things like wearing a plug long term, going ass to mouth, or trying double anal.

The true potential of anal can’t be experienced until you try being anal only for a month or two. So, stop having vaginal sex and just do anal. Adopt the anal only lifestyle and you’ll never want to go back.

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