Message: Tell Your Friends About Anal Only

JennyAO: I read your article that encouraged AO girls to tell their friends about anal only, and encourage them to do it too, and I want to share how it worked for me. I have been doing it for a few years now, and I think this is a great idea, and that you are urging other AO women to do it!

My friends and I have always been really open about sexual topics, which made it easier, and they knew I loved anal. A few months after my boyfriend and I went anal only, I started telling them about that, too. Most of them thought I was crazy at first, even the ones who also liked anal. But we kept talking and when they saw how much I really liked it, their skepticism changed into curiosity and I encouraged them to try it too. We had started with one of your one month challenges and I told them to do the same.

I’m really proud to say that now a few years later, four of my six closest friends are also anal only, and one of them is mainly AO, but if her boyfriend wants it, sometimes she’ll still do vaginal (I’m still working on them). The sixth has not been convinced, but she does like anal. I think that if I can help her orgasm from anal, she might be convinced. She is the only one of us who has vaginal orgasms, so I think she doesn’t see the benefits as much as those of us who can only cum from anal.

Another advantage is that not only are we closer as friends (some of us now often have sex with each other and our partners), we can really help and encourage each other, it’s great to have a special support network for anal only. It has helped two of us stay anal only through a new relationship, and I think if we stay this close together, we will always stay anal only with each other’s encouragement.

So, I want to say the same as you did: tell your friends that you are anal only, and encourage them to do it too! For me, doing this changed my life in a very good way.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. I keep hearing similar stories from women who have had such success with open-minded friends and encouraging them to try also going anal only if they haven’t already. More often than not it ends in at least some of the friends being anal only too, and over time can continue to grow from there as a little local club of anal only girls.

This is a great way to keep spreading the anal only lifestyle to more people, because it’s local, and is based on hearing from and talking with people they know and trust and so they may be more inclined to actually try it for themselves.

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