The Value of Sharing Anal Only With Friends

Are you someone who is very happily anal only and is looking for something more, a way to add to your lifestyle or routine? While there are plenty of options, one good thing that helps you amplify your own commitment to the lifestyle and can reignite a spark of enthusiasm as well is to open up to your friends about being anal only and encourage them to try it as well!

Sharing Anal Only Helps Solidify Your Own Commitment

One of the best way to master anything is to talk about it and teach it to others. By opening up about the anal only lifestyle with your friends, it can help you to form a deeper personal commitment to the lifestyle and ensure you stay anal only long-term. As you get more confident in your commitment, it can inspire you to explore additional aspects of the anal only lifestyle and adopt something else like full time butt-plug wear, clitoral denial, larger dildo play, fisting or double anal sex. There’s always more you can explore and have fun with in the anal only lifestyle, and the more you do, the more you can share with others as well!

Friends Can Become Friends With Benefits

Sometimes when opening up about a love for anal sex, friends with similar interests may want to start playing with you. Those who want to start enjoying anal, an anal only experience, or double anal sex may be interested in playing together with people who already have established partners or other single people. Couples who want to transition to anal only can benefit from sharing some experiences with you or you and your partner to see how to get started.

Sharing Forms a Circle of Support For You and Others

Going anal only can be harder at first for some people than for others, and by having a circle of friends who are anal only, it creates a support network where you can all help, encourage and make sure you all stay anal only and can benefit from the lifestyle long term rather than giving up before it gets great.

The More People Share, The More People Go Anal Only

There’s still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle, and a lot of people are skeptical of some of the claims about it. Hearing from other people, especially those they already know and trust, that anal sex is actually very enjoyable and has numerous benefits over vaginal, can spark an interest that isn’t there from other people. If a friend reacts positively to stories of your own anal only experiences, talk about why and how they should give anal sex a try as well. If they already enjoy anal, encourage them to go anal only like you.

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