Message: Married Couple Gone AO

Paul: My wife turned me on to anal sex a few years into our marriage, over 15 years ago. I had absolutely no interest in it but she told me she had tried it with her ex and although it was only okay with him, she wanted to try with me. We both enjoyed it and started doing it with ever increasing regularity. We would start out with vaginal intercourse and quickly shift to anal.

My homosexual urges have also been steadily increasing over the years. We agreed I would only perform cunnilingus or vaginal intercourse upon request. She has been completely fine with this. I have been encouraging her for years to find a boyfriend but she is shy.

In the last six months I have entered her vagina twice. The last time, a few weeks ago, I did not enjoy it. She also told me she got no pleasure out of it and has not been for a while. She can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation. She is no longer interested in vaginal and only wants anal. We have different sex schedules. She masturbates at night with a massager to her clitoris while watching lesbian porn. I masturbate in the morning to gay porn. After about an hour of edging I wake her by inserting one, then two fingers in her anus for a few minutes. This drives her wild and we then have some seriously satisfying anal sex. She and I are both eager for me to find a boyfriend so I can also experience the pleasure.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a different dynamic than most who identify as anal only, but if it works for you, that’s great.

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