The Inevitability of an Anal Only Future

It is both the goal and the projection of this blog that the anal only lifestyle ultimately becomes the norm for all or most of the world, with anal replacing vaginal sex as the default way for people to have sex, and vaginal becoming simply for reproductive purposes.

And as things continue to shift towards a greater and more widespread adoption of anal sex, normalizing it for a large percentage of the population, it can be interesting to look into the future and see where things may ultimately end up for anal sex and the anal only lifestyle.

Anal Will Become the Norm

We’re already seeing the public embrace of anal sex in recent years, with the majority of porn now largely anal in focus, mainstream film and television shifting their tone on anal from it being a misinformed punchline to something characters genuinely are including in their sex lives, and young people around the world rapidly increasing the frequency with which they practice anal sex themselves and in many cases having totally normalized it as an equal form of sex already.

This trend is only going to continue as the myths surrounding anal continue to fade away and information on safe and enjoyable anal sex becomes more easily available to more people. Including proper anal practices in sexual education classes would be a big part of this.

Coupled with the fact that anal is natural birth control and an easy way for girls to start having sex without worrying about getting pregnant, it’s highly probable that most young women in the coming generations will be focusing primarily or exclusively on anal.

Population Growth Needs to Reduce

As mentioned above, anal is the best and most natural birth control, with very little chance of unwanted pregnancy. Because sex is rarely intended for reproductive purposes, and many pregnancies are unplanned, simply switching to anal only will do a lot for slowing population growth, something that is desperately needed for the long-term sustainability of our species on this planet.

Mutual Pleasure Matters

Sex is about mutual pleasure and a shared connection, and anal provides both of these far better than vaginal. As people continue to discover this and try anal, then anal only, for themselves, the result will be widespread abandonment of vaginal sex.

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One response to “The Inevitability of an Anal Only Future”

  1. Stephen says:

    I 100% agree! Heterosexual Anal Sex is the greatest thing in all possibility and all creation. Imagine a future where humanity has terraformed Venus and compressed and terraformed the moon and built giant space habitats. That is a future where we will have so much abundance that we live lives of anal pleasure in our spare times. And when humanity reaches over star systems, men and women should immediately celebrate by doing this most beautiful, wonderful, and satisfying of acts.

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