Forum: Love Anal, But Not Anal Only (Yet)

First I need to admit 2 things.
1. I usually wouldn’t have signed up to a site like this. However this must be one of the weirdest and most interesting communities I have seen. So here I am 

2. I do have vaginal (and oral) sex too and I love it. It seems that’s somehow against the rules, so please feel free to kick me out if this is a critical violation 

So… why am I here then? Well… I’ve always loved sex and had a lot of it but unfortunately I wasn’t able to orgasm for very long. Not from vaginal sex, not from oral sex, not when masturbating (though everyone was saying that’s a safe way to climax). I had a lot of fun all the time, I just didn’t know how it feels to actually cum. And with anal sex… I tried it very early in my sex life. Probably too early, so I didn’t like it that much.

So it finally took me many years and a great lover to discover how much pleasure it can give. On that particular encounter I felt like I was going to explode and I had my very first orgasm! And I had a lot more since then. Thanks to anal sex! I still don’t cum any other way but who cares. I found the recipe and I am thankful

After some encouragement to try an anal only challenge such as Anal Only April, she replies:

Thanks for the warm welcome and the great advise. Already glad I have signed up 

I think I will try what you both suggested, Anal Only April sounds great! Might make it an Anal Only Feb though

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