Message: So Many Anal Only People Coming Forward

analk1ngI find it interesting that different people are coming forward saying how that anal not only is a natural thing to do, or want to do, but actually looks and feels more natural than vaginal which has always been more or less in line with my thoughts on the subject. I look forward to more discussion on this topic. Could it be just the lack or platform for “anal only” meant these feelings just haven’t been shared previously?

I really think that’s the case. It can be hard to admit things if you aren’t aware that other people share your opinion. A lot of people think they’re supposed to prefer vaginal sex, because it’s “normal” and biologically intended for reproduction. But the thing is, we as a species rarely have sex for reproductive purposes, we’re doing it purely for pleasure and intimacy, so that argument in favor of vaginal sex is irrelevant and shouldn’t be used. As more people recognize this, and as more open discussion is had on the subject, in a tolerant and safe environment for people to admit their preferences, I think the truth will come out and even more people will admit their preference for anal sex.

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