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Anonymous: Thank you to the people who shared their own stories of anal only on this blog, I was inspired to try it myself because of seeing these people and how many different experiences they had, mostly good!

I have gone anal only with my husband for one year since the start of this year and we love how close it has brought us since we stopped the vaginal sex. I had to use the birth control pill before and it affected me badly, so with this we are able to stop that and enjoy sex naturally but without getting pregnant. I think this is the best.

Please, post more stories of other people who are anal only, it is my favourite thing to read and learn from and to see that there are many others doing the same as us.

Thank you for sharing, it sounds like anal only has been a wonderful thing for you! Readers of this blog regularly say that other people’s AO experiences are what they most enjoy reading, so you’re not alone there!

However, it depends on each of you reading this to share your own stories and perspectives—even if you aren’t anal only currently, let us know what appeals to you about the lifestyle, what your goals are, what you’d like to do, your past experiences with anal and AO, and whatever you like. We’re always happy to share, offer advice and suggestions, and even debate. Send us a message here.

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