Message: More Interaction!

Anonymous: More interaction with your followers would be great! I like reading people’s stories and seeing your responses and advice to people’s questions and issues.

I agree! I love chatting with followers, posting their shared experiences, and giving advice. But there’s two sides to any of that, and people have to ask me questions and share their stories for me to be able to post them. So by all means, I encourage everyone to do so. However big or small a question, whatever the story, feel free to ask or share at any time! That goes for private messages as well, if you don’t want a public conversation you can always message me via Tumblr’s chat.

And of course don’t forget the Anal Only Lifestyle forum and Anal Only Lifestyle Discord server — there’s a good bit of such interaction that takes place in both of those places, so if you aren’t participating you’re probably missing out on a lot of it.

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