Thank you to all the followers of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog! We’ve just recently passed 10,000 followers on this blog, which is pretty amazing and a threshold I’m happy to break. It doesn’t have as much of flashy visual sex appeal as the accompanying porn blog, which is closing in on 150,000 followers, so the people who follow this blog are much more likely to be seriously interested in or committed to the anal only lifestyle, and I love that.

I’d love to hear from more of you more often. Some people hold back asking questions or sharing stories because they’re shy or they think I get a lot of asks/submissions already and don’t want to bother me. Believe me: I love hearing from all of you and offering any help or suggestions I can, or even simply hearing and sharing your stories. The majority of anal only people out there in the world don’t share that fact with others, and I think everyone benefits from hearing about more real world anal only people and experiences, so please don’t hesitate to share or ask anything you like. Together, we can all encourage more people to try going anal only themselves and discovering how much better a way it is to be.

As always, don’t forget to check out our forum and chat as well.

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