Anal Only 2020

As we posted about several weeks ago, the near year is upon us, and the traditional period of change and new life goals is amplified this year by the fact that it’s also the beginning of a new decade. As such, we’re suggesting a new challenge for those who are interested in the anal only lifestyle but haven’t yet committed to it: go for it.

Stop waiting and stop making excuses. You want this, so what are you waiting for? You only live once, and you should pursue what you want. Make the decision to be anal only going forward. Whether that means only masturbating anally because you don’t have a partner to have anal sex with you yet, telling new partners that you only do anal once it’s time to start having sex, or telling your existing partner that you want to go anal only and working together to make that transition, do whatever it takes to strive for your goal.

If you’re already anal only, think about your long term goals and how to make the anal only lifestyle a permanent part of your life and deepen your commitment to it, whether that be by moving away from clitoral stimulation and towards pure anal pleasure and orgasms, by going off artificial birth control because you’re fully committed to the natural birth control of anal only, or advancing your anal skills to some new goal—long term butt plug wear, larger anal toys, or working towards double anal sex.

Whatever your goal, make it happen!

If you’d like to help support the Anal Only Lifestyle community going forward, consider contributing to our Patreon. It helps us fund our hosting and domain names, and allows us to continue making original content and growing the community so that more people can be exposed to the pleasures of the anal only lifestyle and try it for themselves. Together, we can help create an anal only world!

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