Message: Trans Vaginal Virgin

Liza: Hi! Wanted to thank you so much for this blog and spreading anal only awareness <3! I’m a trans woman who had never lost my penile virginity, and me and my bf discussed continuing that after I get Sexual Reassignment Surgery. I’m really into the idea, and totally recommend other trans women into anal consider it! (Do remember to dilate though!)

Thanks for the message!

I think that’s a great idea, and really encourage it if it appeals to you. It makes perfect sense, really—if being anal only is something that you’ve always been and really identify with, why would you want to change that after getting a vagina?

Something that several other anal only trans women have brought up in the past is the idea of having SRS with a decorative vulva created, but not actually focusing on full functional construction with an actual vaginal canal. I don’t know whether this is something anyone has actually done, or whether it’s something surgeons will do, but it’s an interesting idea as well for those who are really committed to the idea of anal only and aren’t overly concerned about a fully functional vagina.

Whatever the goal in that regard, I recommend anal only for everyone interested!

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