Preferring Anal Sex Does Not Make You A Freak

Something I hear quite often is that people feel scared to admit their preference of anal sex to others, whether it be friends, potential partners, or even existing partners. This is usually the result of the perception that other people will judge them negatively or see them as a “freak” for what can still be seen by some as abnormal.

Unfortunately, sometimes this concern is based on actual experiences people have had when trying to be open about it in the past and they try to protect themselves from future humiliation by not talking about it with others going forward. But the reality is that your preference for anal isn’t going to go away—it’s a natural part of who you are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it or with you for having that preference.

But it can feel that way when other people judge you for it. Luckily, in recent years, a lot of people are getting past that and are responding much more positively to the idea, with some thrilled to discover others with similar preferences, or inspired to try it for themselves after finding out their friends are active and experienced with anal sex. Even still, some still feel like a freak.

Don’t. You can’t let your life be ruled by what other people think, especially about something so personal and inherent as this. Your body and your sexuality are what they are and preferring anal sex isn’t harmful in any way to anyone. Sure, not everyone is going to be into it at the same level as you, and that’s okay. Be respectful of potential partners and their own preferences, and don’t force your preferences onto others, but be open and honest about what your preferences are and you will meet other people who have or are curious about those same things and you will both end up the better for it.

Whether you’re anal only, a non-exclusive anal enthusiast, curious about anal sex, or not into anal at all, be who you are and pursue what you want and own that fact. Those who love or are interested in you will understand and quite possibly be thrilled to discover your preferences, and if they respond negatively to you sharing your preferences, they probably aren’t the best candidates to be your partner or your friend in the first place.

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