Anal Only Father’s Day

Are you someone who loves anal sex and haven’t come up with a good Father’s day gift yet for your husband or partner? Consider the option of going anal only with him for an extended period of time, and letting him enjoy anal sex with you every time you have sex rather than only on occasion.

It’s a great gift, both for him and for yourself. There are many different advantages to going anal only, and while he’ll no doubt love it, there are many reasons you can enjoy it as well!

For more information on the anal only lifestyle, check out our Guide, which goes much deeper into every aspect of the lifestyle.

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One response to “Anal Only Father’s Day”

  1. Lucky Husband says:

    It was Father’s Day. My wife woke me with her lips wrapped around my cock. Once I was hard, she climbed on top and rode me with her ass until I came deep inside her. She then dismounted me and gently licked and sucked my cock clean (a rare treat). She then looked up at me and said that was just the first part of my Father’s Day present. She then dressed and went out to the kitchen to make me a special Father’s Day Breakfast with the kids.

    In the early afternoon, she told our kids we were going to take a nap, and not to wake us. As they were playing Minecraft, we knew they would be occupied for as long as we needed. She then locked our door and told me she wanted me to fuck her however I wanted. Her invitation and a little lube was all I needed. I proceeded to fuck her ass hard doggy style, then missionary. When I say I fucked her ass hard, I mean I slammed my cock balls deep into her ass for nearly thirty minutes before unloading into her again. Once again she cleaned me with her mouth. I could get used to this.

    After making my favorite dinner we all watched a movie. When the movie was over she put the kids to bed. After the pounding I gave her earlier I thought that would be it for her. Instead she told me it was daddy’s turn to take care of mommy. She told me she found herself getting really aroused when I was pounding her ass in the missionary position earlier. I asked her if she was up to it (I had never pounded her ass that hard before; let alone for that long.) She laid back on the side of the bed, raised her legs, and presented her ass. I was lubed and inside her in less than a minute. I began to slowly work my cock in and out of her ass in long, deep strokes. She began moaning and working her ass on my cock when I went in deep. It was then that she asked me to fuck her harder. I began to increase the frequency of my thrusts. “Harder” she demanded. I began to pump my cock into her ass with hard, firm thrust so that our bodies were slapping together. I took her legs off my shoulders and placed her feet on my stomach, so that her knees were almost touching her tits. Then I grabbed her hands and pulled her toward me as I thrust into her ass with more force than I had ever managed to achieve. I thrust into her so hard while holding her arms, I literally lifted her off the bed with each thrust, like it was my cock lifting her. After a minute or two of this, I looked down to see her eyes rolled back into her head. Her mouth was agape, moaning with each thrust. Her tits were swollen and her nipples were hard and erect. It was then that she let out a LOUD moan (almost a scream) and began to squirt. She had never done this before and it was too much for me. I thrust into her one last time, harder than ever before, and buried my cock as deep in her ass as I could manage. I could feel her bearing down on me as her ass pulsated around my cock. Not only did I manage to cum in her ass for the third time that day, it felt as though I was having an out of body experience as I felt my cock pulsate in her ass again and again as I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life. I lifted my wife off the bed, my cock still embedded deep in her ass. I laid back onto the bed, my wife’s ass still mounted on my cock. She was just coming down from her orgasm and laid back, between my legs. Slowly, my cock began to soften until it slid out of her ass with a plop noise as a flood of my cum ran out of her now gaping hole and onto my cock. I looked at my wife in anticipation. The only letdown of the night was when she said, it’s your turn to clean us up, go get a washcloth and towel.

    After, we both agreed it was the best sex either one of us ever had. We look forward to trying to duplicate the experience again. Here’s to the best Father’s Day ever.

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