Message: If In Doubt, Just Give Anal Only a Try

Anonymous: Hey, I just wanted to say to your readers if they are in any doubt they should go for it. We are a couple now in late 30s and most of the time now we have anal sex. When we first dated etc my wife was against anal but over the years has warmed to it in a big way. I wish it had happened earlier, but at least now after 15 years together I’m getting the kind of sex I always dreamed of. Very satisfying and intimate sex for us both, and I can be honest and say I never liked pussy sex all that much.

I completely agree that the most effective way to overcome any doubts about the anal only lifestyle is to try it for yourself, and not just once or twice, but for an extended period of time that gives you enough opportunity to familiarize yourself with the nuances of it and get through any challenges that may occur in the first few weeks to month of such a change.

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