Discussion: Do Older Women Enjoy Anal?

Maybe I’m just curious, or just poking a bear, so please don’t be offended. I have always been incredibly turned on by the thought of an older woman (40+) who enjoys anal/ass play, but have never met one who indulges. Do they exist? Is this a fever dream? I’d love to know.

Sean Stanley, HipForums

The answer is, of course, yes! All women can enjoy anal sex, but trends tend to be towards both younger women regularly engaging in it and preferring it as the stigmas and misinformation surrounding it fade away, and older women discovering it a bit later in life as they get past sexual insecurities and decide to enjoy their bodies for what they like rather than for what society says is proper and correct, and realizing anal is far better than vaginal in the process.

A few select responses:

I am 35 & I hope to be getting anal for many more years to cum.. just love it in there.

Slutty Sue, HipForums

I’m 45 and don’t like to think of myself as “older” but that asside I would prefer anal to vaginal any day. Everyday. 2 or 3 times a day if possible. But we old people need to take it easy. LOL.

I can’t speak for all women but I find that I get more comfortable with my sexuality as I get older. Why waste time WANTING something when you can just go ahead and HAVE it. I’m not gunna live forever.

Katravenclaw, HipForums

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One response to “Discussion: Do Older Women Enjoy Anal?”

  1. Yes, there are women who enjoy anal at all ages, 18 to 80.

    My wife and I began having anal sex in our early 20s. Now in our late 40s we love it more than ever. We typically have anal at least once a day. Recently, we’ve upped our game to twice a day most of the time.

    The human body was designed to have sex every day. The stronger muscle bands of the anus make it ideal for this purpose. The vagina lacks the strength and ability to manipulate the penis the way the anus does. When used frequently, or for the delivery of a baby, the vagina will never be as tight as it once was, which is not as tight as the anus.

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