Message: How Rare Are Anal Only Women?

Anonymous: how often you find an anal only girl irl? bc so far i have never seen one.

Anal only women are rare but do exist. Most people are more likely to have success by experimenting with their partner with periods of anal only and seeing what they both think. It’s not entirely uncommon for a woman to find after that she’s totally content and satisfied by just anal sex, and it leads to the couple having sex more often and being more intimate in general.

However, it’s not for everyone. Some will never want to try anal at all, and some may enjoy anal but not exclusively. This is perfectly fine, and you need to respect that. Suggesting you try new things sexually is fine, but don’t push people into things they really don’t want to do. There are plenty of people out there who do love anal—even if they don’t advertise it publicly—and plenty of others who never will. You just have to find the right person.

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sexeweed: For the anon: we do exist!

cameltoe-mccougar: But you can’t ever really tell if someone likes anal or will like anal without getting to know them first. Few people broadcast a desire for it loudly, that’s just not how most people work.

I met a FWB awhile back. She looked like a complete schoolmarm. Looked and dressed incredibly conservative. She always looked good and very attractive, mind you. Just not someone you would have associated with being very sexual….

… until I got to know her.

She had never had anal in her life before we met. Her big think wasn’t anal, though; she wanted to be rimmed. Had always wanted to be rimmed, had rimmed past partners in hopes that they would get the hint… nope.

So I rimmed her and she absolutely loved it. Came hard to it. So anal was the next step. Said she had never really thought about doing it, since she was always totally focused on being rimmed instead.

Now she can’t get enough anal. Still loves vaginal sex and everything else about sex, but prefers to have anal all the time. BIG orgasms from it, best and hardest of her life she says.

And still….. you’d never know she loves anal. I’m the only one who knows or even suspects.

You just never know. Just have to meet more people to have a better chance of finding someone who loves anal.

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