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From a recent post on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum:

I just wanted to send you my heartfelt gratitude for the work that you do here, the community you’ve created, and the myths that you dispel in an everyday way. The encouraging, positive, can-do attitude of the advice and community has been such a gift. You’re blog was an integral part of my own exploration of the lifestyle, at the gentle prompting of my sex coach, of course.

I’d always thought of myself as a sexual explorer. I had tried and loved anal sex. I somehow always found myself with multiple partners who preferred or at least heartily enjoyed anal sex throughout the years. I’d tried gang bangs and dp, which always felt the most satisfying for all involved if my ass got used in equal measure to my mouth and cunt. It just never even occurred to me that it would be entirely more gratifying to only use my ass. It seems so silly now to say it! The answer was there all the time!


My greatest surprise has been the way that being anal only encourages the very best that sex has to offer, and not just the satisfaction derived from the physical way that anal sex feels great. All of my partners have met me with more creativity, more vigor, more intensity, more boundary pushing, and more intention to pervert conventions of sexuality in the most wonderful way. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean those things, but it has given me and my lovers the space and permission to go deeper. 

I have been able to explore so many areas, from mind-blowing anal orgasm to complete denial, shifting paradigms of desire from being an endlessly greedy bottom to seeking pleasure from the joys of service. I would have never come to these without the structure and curiosity provided by the Anal only community.

Thank you again. Two years has gone by with remarkable ease and only a few moments of extreme and intense longing for the old ways. I made it through, thanks to you all! I would encourage anyone with the slightest hint or proclivity to delve in, even if slow at first. It’s so worth it.

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