Announcing a Patreon Page for the Anal Only Lifestyle

As this community and the lifestyle that surrounds it grows, I’ve gradually been spending more of my time and money on it. It’s not a lot of money, just enough for hosting costs at this time, but it can add up. I do spend an extensive amount of time, however.

When Tumblr was active, I was creating content for multiple blogs to post between 1 and 6 times a day, some of them uninterrupted for years. The forum and Discord server require monitoring and moderation for spam, rule violations, and other abusive behavior to ensure that they remain welcoming spaces for all their members.

And with this blog, in addition to the recent several-week-long migration of all its content off Tumblr to its new home, I’ve tried to always keep to as frequent a posting schedule as possible, given my time and the availability of content. This requires writing original posts and articles, looking for relevant articles, discussions and quotes online, and answering reader questions as they are submitted. I’ve also created a guide to anal sex and the anal only lifestyle which we launched earlier this year and has continued to expand over time, with answers to many of the most frequently asked questions received.

Because of that, I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a Patreon page for the Anal Only Lifestyle community. The blog, forum and Discord will continue to be publicly and freely accessible to everyone as they always have been, but if you’d like to support their continued hosting and development by becoming a patron, you’re more than welcome to do so and can receive special roles on the forum and Discord that identify you as a supporter, as well as a few other special perks for contributing members.

Outside of this community, I work as an independent contractor on a variety of projects, so the more income I’m able to earn from running this community, the more time I’ll be able to spend on it going forward and treat it like a part-time job rather than just a hobby when I have the time. I have lots of ideas for new content, products, and resources I’d like to develop if I have the time to do so, and I’d love to discuss those ideas with readers and future patrons as well.

Become a Patron at the Anal Only Lifestyle Patreon Page


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