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An anal only woman on HipForums asks:

If you follow me you already know I luv anal. Husband and I are anal only now. Buuuut… I have arthritis in my knees and 1 hip and he’s got a bad back so we are always looking for ways to keep active and penetrate well without causing each other pain. 

Anyone have some good positions they use for anal? Or even some furniture ir position aides they have tried and like…

Katravenclaw, HipForums

She gets an assortment of good replies from various people offering different suggestions, including the use of foam wedges to provide support in different positions during sex. She also gets a response from another long-term anal only couple:

My wife & I have been anal only for 25 years.
We used to do doggy with her at the edge of the bed and me standing on the floor.
For the past 10 years or so we have used a more relaxing position for the two of us.
She lies on her right side with her left leg pulled up.
I crouch and straddle her outstretched right leg, spread her cheeks and go for it!
She uses her Wahl vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms while I pump away, following her instructions to slow down as she gets close to cumming.
Her rectum tightens up and pulsates as she cums and slowing down my thrusts allows me to really feel her pulsations.
The Wahl is right angle type vibrator and she holds it in her left hand over her left thigh with the tip on her clit.
Works for us!

niceneasy, HipForums

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