Discussion of the Day: She won’t have vaginal sex with me, only the back door kind!

Hi, I have been dating this girl from past 3 years now. We tried having vaginal sex many times but every time i have been unable to penetrate her for some or other reason. Either she is too scared of the pain either she is too tense etc.We tried everything from using KY to seeing a doctor also who says all is fine. As a substitute we tried having anal sex. From last 2 years we have been just doing that.

What do you know, an answer from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

I have been maried 20 years. I love anal sex, so much that it has been years since I had vaginal sex. My husband is fine with it. I like some stimulation from his hands on my clit, but having his peins in my butt is what makes me sing. So, dont worry about it. If you both like how it feels, embrace her rear end as though it were her most sarced opening. Get her some butt plugs, suggest she wear one on dates etc. It will get her even more excited. I have one that vibrates and has a remote control for the vibrator. He loves to tease me with that on dates. This one is huge, so I feel like I am really doing something special for him by having it in me all evening. Although I love to be asked to wear one of my plugs, I often just sneak on in me with out anyone knowing. Feeling it with my every move, has me very hot by the time we get home. When he discovers it in me, he is very happy.

A woman who also loves anal (and is anal only!) answering an anal question on the internet? I was starting to think it would never happen!

The rest of the commenters are incredibly unhelpful and rude, telling him he needs to break up with her immediately, that she’s a post-op transwoman, or that she needs to be pushed into switching to vaginal sex.

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