Message: Starting With Anal Was Easy

Dee: I think you’re right that it’s better to start with anal. I’m not a vaginal virgin anymore (I wish that I was) but I had anal the first time I had sex and didn’t try vaginal for 3 or 4 years after that. My boyfriend was pretty thick and long but because I didn’t know any different and didn’t really have anything to fear about it, I just relaxed really easily and he fit inside no problem from the start. We had anal sex easily and I loved it, it didn’t hurt then and never has hurt for me. My boyfriends have said I’m a natural at anal, but I think it just is a lot easier if that’s how you start and don’t know it’s “supposed” to hurt.

Another boyfriend wanted to do vaginal and pressured me into it, so I did it eventually, but I never liked it as much, and after we broke up (I always resented that he made me do vaginal) I started looking for guys that were happy with just anal and went back to anal only, and now I identify as an anal only girl and know that’s all I want.

Thanks for sharing your story and perspective, that’s been my experience as well, and is one of the reasons I think it’s beneficial for people to go with anal first if they have the choice and forethought to do so.

I’m sorry you were pressured into losing your vaginal virginity. At least now you know definitively that vaginal is not something you want in your life and it helped strengthen your identity as an anal only woman. Sometimes trying vaginal as an anal only virgin, or slipping back temporarily to having vaginal sex after going anal only, even if neither are ideal scenarios, can end up making you realize how much you actually dislike vaginal and how much better anal is and send you right back to the anal only lifestyle stronger than before, uninterested in ever having anything to do with vaginal again. So it’s not all bad always.

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  1. LuvMyWifesAss says:

    My wife and I often comment on how we wish we had even thought to have anal sex when we first started having sex. Not only would we have been spared the numerous times we spent staring at a pregnancy test hoping it would be negative, but we would have been able to experience all the benefits we’ve experience over the past 13 years of anal only.

    This is why sexual education that includes anal sex is so important. We could have avoided the pregnancy scares, the need for condoms, and experienced the greater pleasure anal sex provides.

    With a greater awareness and acceptance of anal sex, I hope there will be more couples who start their sexual relationship with anal sex.

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