Message: No Reason For Vaginal

Jess: I really think there’s no reason at all to ever have vaginal sex. I did it before I knew better, but since I went anal only I have no interest in ever having vaginal again. There are ways to get pregnant without doing vaginal, or you can adopt, and I’d rather do either of those things than get my pussy fucked.

Anal is better for everything, but it’s also just better to never use your vagina in any way. Not using it makes everything else better. Everyone should be anal only.

I like your enthusiasm and wholehearted approach to the anal only lifestyle. Everyone has their own interpretation to it, and yours is certainly a very literal one, which is great if it’s what works for you!

Most people, even if anal only, are probably going to still utilize vaginal sex for reproductive purposes, which I think is fine if that’s what they need or want to do, but you’re right that there are certainly alternatives, and there are people who have gotten pregnant without having vaginal sex, so it can be a viable option for people who want to try pure anal only pregnancy.

You touch on something interesting and quite true regarding anal only not necessarily just being about anal being better, but also about the exclusion of vaginal being an improvement for everything else. That’s very true, for sure, and a nuance that not everyone picks up on.

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