Message: Anal is Better for Men Too

Anonymous: I’m glad you have discussed and reported on how women have more intense orgasms from anal, but please don’t forget men. I don’t see it mentioned, and many would be interested to know, that it is also much more intense for us two. There is no competition from vaginal or oral as far as I’m concerned. For those who haven’t tried it’ll blow you away. It is both longer and stronger. I believe this may be part of the explanation for why we often get that “boredom”; with any other sex.

A very good point. Most of the content here has been focusing on women who love anal, partly because it is commonly accepted by many that men love anal while women do not. But that can actually be a bit of deceiving, and there are male misconceptions as well. Anal is definitely a tighter fit for men, and can feel more primal and natural, with a more snug fit around the penis than the vagina provides, and the combination of the texture and tightness feels better than a vagina for many men. It also looks more visually striking and appealing.

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