Message: Not All Men Prefer Anal

Anonymous: You claim that anal feels better for men, hand down. If true, why do a lot of men offer a different opinion?

It’s a generalization for dramatic effect which is predominantly true but not universally true. Most men who have experience with it prefer anal, that’s a simple fact. Not everyone does, but most of those who have tried it and don’t like it either have some sort of mental hangup preventing them from enjoying the superior physical sensation or they haven’t had a good anal experience yet. If a woman is too tight or doesn’t know how to open up and relax her ass, the excess tightness and and difficulty in penetrating deeply, it may not be as enjoyable. But give a man an experience with a well-trained ass experienced at giving pleasure, and most will agree that it’s much better.

An asshole is more versatile, deeper, more visual, more responsive, grippier, tight but able to open up to tremendous sizes when needed, more raw and passionate and sexual. A pussy is a dull, boring dead end. Sure, you might get a little pleasure and physical enjoyment from a vagina still, but it’s nothing compared to an ass and it lacks the passion, beauty and delight of anal for many men.

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