Forum: Girlfriend and I AO for 4 Years

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who has found the woman who fits me and checks all my boxes. My gf and I have been together for over 4 years with a break in between but we came back together. I’m 50, she’s 30. We are completely into each and she is definitely my soul person. She’s asian and latina, medium tall and thin, completely tiny tits which is one of my biggest turn ons in the whole world.

She is completely free use 100% anal only. We weren’t in the beginning but she was into it right away and we progressed very quickly. She doesn’t like vaginal oral and does not want PIV sex at all. Literally it’s been years and we don’t even think about it. She does enjoy having her clit played with and vibrated though and also like when I finger her but she only wants anal sex when it comes to my cock. So that’s all we do. It’s the only way we fuck and it’s the only thing we want.

It’s just how we are and have always been and how we click. It’s what we both want and enjoy and we have both told each other that it’s all either of us ever wants and agreed to only live this way with each other. She’s the hottest thing and the best ever. I’ve never had a connection with someone like I do with her.

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