Forum: Is it Okay to Always Want to Gape My Girlfriend?

Hi guys, I just recently discovered this website and oh! boy, was I happy when I stumbled upon this community of anal sex enthusiasts like myself because to be honest I struggled with understanding my sexuality for years, I don’t know how or why but I just really enjoy heterosexual anal, contrary to people’s perceptions that anal is dirty and disgusting, its not the same for me at all, nothing disgusts or repulses me about the anus, I would happily lick and do stuff to my girl’s anus, If anything it’s the vagina that repluses me, I don’t ever get off to vagina porn and it took me a lot of brain training to start getting hard when fucking the vagina, I once dated a woman that was always pissed off because I couldn’t keep a hard on for long when fucking her pussy.

For a while I thought how did I get here and the thought really did a number on me as it always affected many of my relationships growing up, the vagina doesn’t turn me on at all, oral and PIV included, it was always a struggle to convince a woman to let me fuck her in the ass because I would be scared of being judged or worse, seen as a freak of nature. My AO journey started in 2012, I met a virgin girl and we were really in love at the time, she was very religious and was keen on staying a virgin till she got married so I managed to convince her into trying anal and my oh my it was an amazing 6 AO years with her, it didn’t start off great but it eventually did, we learned and anally evolved together, I fucked her ass so much back then because she lived nearby and we always saw each other a lot, I would lube her up, finger and shove toys into her ass, I loved seeing her gape open everytime, she was such a submissive girlfriend and I never took that for granted.

Fast forward, life happened and she started feeling like she was ready to lose her vagina virginity, according to her she said she never really liked anal sex and she was only doing it to preserve her virginity and because she didn’t want to get pregnant, I told her that couldn’t work for me because I want AO and well that amazing chapter ended in my life. Im a 26 year old man now and I have been into anal sex for exactly 8 years now. My journey has been somewhat amazing and rough along the edges. I’ve had a fair amount of anal with some women since then and it never really lasted long. I finally met another woman this year who’s ready to go into a committed AO relationship with me but I’m just too scared I don’t push her away with my sexual habits. I fear me doing things like ASS Gaping her might push her away but I can’t stop myself. I love myself a wide open ass man

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