Message: More Anal Only Sex Education

Anonymous: I think the parents should explain all 3 but focus on the benefits of anal and the downsides to vaginal cause the boys and girl will get a lot of misinformation from pop culture that is pro-vag. The boys need to know their instinct to fuck anally is normal, healthy and desirable and that it’s not wrong to expect it. The girl needs to also understand the serious risks of vaginal (teen pregnancy) and how she needs to train her rectum to loosen for insertion but grip to milk and pleasure.

Personally, I think that might be a bit much detail for parents to get into, and pushing their own views onto the children, but maybe that’s just the result of living in a society that still limits conversations about sex between children and their parents to the bare essentials, and considers it shameful and embarrassing to have to give or listen to “the talk”.

I definitely agree that busting myths about anal, saying it’s fine to like or prefer it, and giving tips on how to do it safely is a good idea, though.

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