Message: Issues With Anal Only

Anonymous: I would like to say that first I have no problems with anal sex but as a guy, I feel that there are certain sanitary risks that could permanently effect me if i did it more than I already do with my gf. I mean that and lube costs. Besides you cannot have children from anal. I get that people that just want a one night stand this would make sense but for long term or more permanent relationships anal just isn’t a logical solution. The porn industry switched to anal to reduce the risks of a show child but the normal person generally wants to have a child sooner or later so giving up completely on vaginal sex makes no sense. Just throwing that out there.

Cleanliness is less of an issue than people make it in reality, especially when having anal sex frequently. Lube isn’t expensive, especially if you buy in bulk or use natural lubricants. Porn focuses on anal because it’s what people want to see.

We fully acknowledge that the vagina is a natural part of the reproductive process. But sex is rarely reproductive in nature, and you don’t need to have sex vaginally the 99.9999% of the time in your life that you want to share pleasure and intimacy without getting pregnant. Vaginal sex purely for the purposes of getting pregnant is consistent with the anal only lifestyle.

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