Message: Thank You For Showing Me Anal Only

Anonymous: Thank you for showing me only anal I have been only anal for about 3 months now and my whole body has changed. When having sex before my nipples were never sensitive or hard, now even thinking about anal my nipples stand up right and are just begging to be played with. My pussy is so useless now my clit doesn’t even get touched all I care about is my nipples and ass

You’re very welcome. I’m glad you were able to discover it and how much you love it, and that this blog and its surrounding community introduced you and so many other people to it. It’s something I’ll miss the most once this blog goes away, the interactions with everyone, and the resulting relative lack of exposure that will come from losing a platform with 150,000 followers and millions more potential Tumblr users who might catch a reblogged post and say “hey, anal only, what’s that? that sounds interesting” and awaken a whole part of their sexuality they had no idea existed.

Thanks so much for sharing and for trying out anal only for yourself. With any luck we’ll find a platform where we can continue this blog and continue introducing more people to the lifestyle.

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