In the Absence of Tumblr

Tumblr as a platform for this community has now been absent over half a year, and that absence is still very heavily felt. While other platforms like bdsmlr have popped up to attempt to replace it, so far very little has actually done so from what I’ve found so far. Bdsmlr replicates many of the functions but has many ongoing bugs even still, including the biggest one for me where captions I reblog are frequently absent from the posts, so people viewing my blog there just see images and none of the text caption content that has always set my blogs apart from others. Until that gets resolved, I’m no longer going to expend any effort on Bdsmlr.

So, I’m asking the community: where are you spending your time lately, what platforms have you found that replicate the functionality and community of Tumblr the best so far? Features that I need include: multiple blog support, tagging posts and searching the entire platform for those tags, reblogging (with the original caption(s) still attached), queuing, and drafting posts, and probably some other things as well. I’m interested in resuming my original Tumblr blogs at some point, and I’d really like to get them back on a platform that works as well as Tumblr did before their downfall.

Update 8/4: It appears that I’ve been able to get Bdsmlr working correctly again, so will resume posting there for the time being.

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